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December 15, 2012
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“Show us your face” they demand
But why should I?
It’s my face, my life isn’t it?
It’s not “hiding” my reasons are my own
And that should be enough

He’s a relaxing voice
A faceless man
With a clever sense of humor
He’s a beautiful person
And that’s enough

The cruelty drags me down
I’m tired of seeing it
I’m tired of the scrutiny
I want to be a cartoon character
Stop looking at me

Why are they so determined to know?
It isn’t important
He should be judged on his own merits
A face shouldn’t matter
He is beautiful anyways
So this is about Cry, he's been kinda down lately and I feel bad about it. So the first and third verses are from his perspective and the second and fourth are from the perspective of the viewers who love him. I decided to kind of address the issue that a lot of people are going on about, which is the idea of what he looks like. More and more people are pushing it and trying to find out, and to be honest it kind of confuses me. Personally I don't care what he looks like he's an incredible person and it shouldn't matter. But that's just me.

I got the idea from another poem about Cry called "No Looking", it's really good. Here's a link if you want to take a look. [link]

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PrussianPersephone Dec 16, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Cry is Cry, and we should love him no matter what. Privacy is important--let the man have it. He does so much for us by making videos and cheering certain people up on even their worst days--shouldn't we do the same and let him have what he wants when it revolves around his appearance?

It's what on the inside that counts, and inside Cry is a personality and charisma that just makes me smile. I could care less what he looks like on the outside. I watch him for his voice and laughter and overall amazingness. Not because I'm desperate to see his face.

I hope he sees all the people who say they don't care about his looks and love him for everything else. He deserves it.
He does deserve it. It seems like when I look at all the comments on his videos there's this overwhelming negativity and it makes me sad, because we all love him and he doesn't deserve that kind of abuse.
PrussianPersephone Dec 16, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Exactly. People should just shut up and enjoy him for who he is. If everyone did everything people wanted them to do to change, then no one would be unique. Cry is Cry. Cry is unique. Cry is himself.

Let him be, because that's why we love him.
that is an extremely eloquent way of putting it
IKNOWUHATEMEdotCOM Dec 16, 2012   General Artist
*Blushes* You liked my poem?
I love you :3
It was really well written, you did an excellent job
Yours was well written too
I know I've been watching too much Cry when after reading the first line I immediately knew this was gonna be about him ^^
I have been too, you're not alone there friend
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